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A massive galactic civil war has mounted up and has sprung into action. Now you can join, and take part in this great rpg game. Register into the forums, create your character, and jump into the fray. Choose 1 of over, 6 factions, and choose your own home

    Short Guide to the Game and Profile making Format!

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    Short Guide to the Game and Profile making Format!

    Post  Thrax Ulran on Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:52 pm

    The Game is very simple to play. It is based on a few things, knowledge, activity, and witts. For Knowledge every player Is to know planets, or have a basic knowledge of Star Wars, other then the films, as in types of ships, vehicles, etc. Next, for activity, to make the game fun players, should have activity to help make it fun, and finally witts to make certain descisions, that may be descisive or fruitless. After registering into our forums, you are to create a character profile. It is shown in the following format.

    Profile Format Example

    Name in game: Dax Jeer

    Age: 17

    Species: Chiss

    Gender: Male

    Profession: Farmer

    Characteristics: Has black hair, dark grey eyes, very tall, slim, but a handsome young man.

    Biography: raised by Chiss farmers, in Csilla, he grew up and decided to join the Chiss empire in the army branch to serve!

    The Game economy is simple. It is based on how powerful a faction is, how many planets it has, and its political power. Factions cannot create new ships and must then contract engineering factions. Engineering factions are the smaller factions which do not have personal forums, but have influence in the shipyards. They are in charge of making the orders of each faction. You must first start small trades, and must give a full contract of how many ships you produced, where, how, with how many resources, workers, etc to make it look real. Even though there is no credit unit in the game, the biggest invisible credit in the game, is power and influence. The more contracts you have, the more experienced, and the better quality ships produced, you will have in the eyes of the moderators, and admins, which will be descisive in battles. Next The battle system. Each faction has a right to plan chat and discuss on their personal forums, but must call battles in Battles forum. It works like this, the commander preparing the attack must make a thread with the title of invasion, etc, but you will have 24-48 hours, game rules to unite more forces to aid you. This is done by other players posting on your invasion thread saying `username wishes to participate in this battleĀ“ with full analysis of your ship, troops, etc. If your character is from another planet, far from the battle, or seems to be a different species, then he or she will loss stamina which may affect the battle. Important rules are below on battles or purchasing, etc.


    -Only Brigadier Generals (Army) and Rear Admirals (Navy) or above can post invasions, or purchase commands.
    -Every character must have their race, and home world on their signature.
    -Multiple battles cannot occur in one day.
    -Please refrain from naming your character with any army or navy ranks such as Grand admiral or naming them after real characters in the Star Wars Universe, such as Ben Kenobi.
    -Please refrain from entangling your character with characters from the Star Wars galaxy, such as Darth Vaders secret go go dancer.
    -Be respectful.
    -Be Active.
    -Be organized, and have fun!

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