Star Wars: A Galaxy of War

A massive galactic civil war has mounted up and has sprung into action. Now you can join, and take part in this great rpg game. Register into the forums, create your character, and jump into the fray. Choose 1 of over, 6 factions, and choose your own home

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    Profile Registration:

    Post  Dudeee on Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:18 am

    Profile Request for me:

    Name in game: Ancient Shadow

    Age: 22

    Species: Mon Calamari

    Homeworld: Mon Calamari

    Faction: The New Republic

    Gender: Male

    Profession: Engineer/builder.

    Characteristics: Strong and intelligent man, Grown up as a young soldier in the: The new republic
    He got short light hair with blue nice eyes ^^

    Biography: He got raised up by the The New Republic, he started as hes life when he got an offer from the new republic to join the army as a soldier. He feels ready to take the command of the new republic after 15years as soldier! He got exprience,intelligent and the strenght to become the COMMANDER OF THE NEW REPUBLIC!
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    Re: Profile Registration:

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