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    Guide to the Economy

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    Guide to the Economy

    Post  Thrax Ulran on Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:46 pm

    This is a very simple guide to roleplaying in the shipyards. The shipyards are basically the place, where you go to contract for ships. You can either contract from two types of sources. The Corellian Shipyards which are administered by the administrator of this website, is the galaxies most known engineers industry, making home in Corellia, ships tend to be built here, at average, but quick and good priced quality vessels and machinery. The second source is Independant Industrial factions. These factions are secondary alternatives for buying machinery. These are useful because they are very different from the main firm. There is a list of differences below.

    Corellian and Independant Industries Differences

    -The Corellian shipyards only construct ships of a faction, for that faction. Ex: Corellia cannot construct an imperial star destroyer fleet for the new republic. However independant shipyards can.
    -The Corellian shipyards tend to have a market price, in which other shipyards balance their trade from. Ex: Corellia has 1 SD for 1000 credit units, while an independant faction may have a lower price of 950 credit units.
    -The Corellian shipyards only produce regular weapons and ships. Superweapons are not allowed, without an admins consent.
    -The Corellian shipyard while never outgrow other factions or act as competition, factions rise through the ranks with reputation, contracts they do, and their influence, or trade. Ex: The Empire announces a trade deal with Corellia, to mine iron ore on the planet of Kashyyyk in which Corellia will refine.
    -There is no economic system, in this game where money is a conscern. Buying things, is mostly about having good reputation, number of planets a faction controls, trade, etc, this determines if you can buy things.
    -Independant industry or trade factions cannot control planets, but can trade with the main factions. They are allowed to own forts, mines, industry, etc.


    -If your wishing to create an independant faction or trade group you may do so here. But it needs 4 or more members in it, and you must tell an admin or mod. If you lose any of these members you will have around 24 hours to retrieve them.
    -Independant factions cannot start out with planets, only cities, forts, or other.
    -Industrial factions do not own planets, they own firms, mines, etc.
    -Contracts are to be done in the following format if possible: example

    IMPORTANT! The year is 200 ABY 2009= 200 ABY (ABY stands for the battle of Yavin which took place in Star Wars Episode IV A new Hope. This means were living 200 years after this battle.

    Contract Name

    Trade partners: Galactic Empire; Corellian Shipyards
    Date of trade/contract: 05-25-2009
    Purchase: 1 SD, 1 CORVETTER.
    Corellian Shipyards Price (optional): 3000 credits
    Asking Price: 1500 credits.

    After the faction has posted this industrial groups will come and consult to see if the buyer will accept their demands. The person who asked for the materials, will then post and choose who they will pick. You can do that, or ask for x amount of units in the Corellian Shipyards...

    I hope this was enough!

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